About Us

Who We Are

  • Maalina Recruitment Agency is specialized in providing Manpower recruitment Services at all levels and different disciplines under license No. 914
  • We are the authorized agent for large Number of clients across the region as well as a massive up to date database in all fields .

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help you to select the best competencies in all disciplines through the use of the best tools and latest Methods in the selection process from candidates for the job.

Company Goals

Our goal is to be in the front of all recruitment companies though we can provide the best services to our clients to select the best required competencies.

Our Services



Overseas Recruitment

We are seeking to provide recruitment solutions for overseas market,implementing all kinds of strategies which best suit both our qualified candidates and esteemed clients.

Online Recruitment

Maalina take the advantage of the internet to advertise about the available vacancies so open up a much wider candidate pool, this gives a much better chance of finding the best candidate for a job.

Newspaper Advertisement

Maalina has a professional staff in designing advertisement and publishing it through our well-known Journals, enabling us to spread the vacancy for the largest No. of candidates, and then our recruitment team review the C.Vs and choose the best of them.

Conference Facilities

We have many halls equipped to conduct interview sand business meeting.

Airline Tickets Booking

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Processing finalizing all visa requirements concerning visa issuing process for the selected calibers.

Our Clients

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Contact Us

  • Address : 47 Dokki Square - Dokki - Egypt
  • Email: info@maalina.net
  • Phone1: 0020237603925 - 0020233372050
  • Fax: 0020237603923
  • Mobile: 00201144454165 - 00201144454167 - 00201155511333

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